Verslag 7 - 03/13/2003

Departure one week later

We have to be careful with our energy, safe our strength. We've said it so many times these past 5 days at the MotoRAI. Sure, it's all very true, but the last weeks have been incredibly busy and five long days at the motor-show are all but good for your condition.
Our departure from the RAI was great. On the road to Hengelo many cars hooted their horns and passing by motorcyclists waved us another time goodbye. At home, the rest of our baggage was ready to be packed. When we left on our World Tour in 1996 it took one month for our luggage to find the right spot in and on our sidecar. Now it has to be ready and done at once, which is not easy.

Click for large image! Rob goes for a refreshing shower. "I'll keep on going," I try to cheer him up. From the shower Rob however goes to bed. "Tomorrow I'll feel better," he hopes. When lifting these heavy bags I feel the muscles in my lower back aching. I could also sleep for 24 hours, I feel. When I finally lay myself next to Rob he is sweating like you won't believe. 39.9 degrees fever.

Click for large image! Monday morning. The bikes are packed. "Give me another hour," Rob says. I phone Wilbers that we will be late. Rob's fever won't go and I phone Wilbers again. We decide to postpone our departure with one week.
It could not be worse. Till Moscow all has been organised. I call Trans Sputnik NL. Alexander will change the hotel-bookings in Belarus and Russia and also get us new train tickets. In Germany Helmut has to postpone our visit to two schools, the press conference and interviews and the afternoon we were going to spend with German television. Then I'm down and out as well. I call our doctor, to hear that at least we have done the right things, but also that it will take at least another three days before we can expect to be fever-free.

Click for large image! Tuesday passes without me knowing it. I sleep, half-sleep and toss around, but every time I sit up I feel that I have to lie down again and when I wake up it is Wednesday morning. The garbage-men make a lot of noise emptying the containers. The disappointment of not being on the road is still there. I feel weak. Have thrown up everything I ate yesterday. Rob also looks so thin. When we feel better I think we should start eating four times a day to build up some reserves.

Click for large image! The mailman brings an entry for our Russia and Ukraine tour. That's positive! In the afternoon I walk to the supermarket to buy fruits and to get moving. Then there is a knock on the door. Two students of group 8 of the primary school we visited with our project are wondering why we are still here. A little later I find the energy to connect our laptop to the internet. Among the many e-mails one of another local, wishing us bon voyage.

"Did you buy eggs," Rob is asking, "I will like to eat something salty in a minute!" Look, this is going the right way. Before you know it we will be on the road!

The Photo's in this report are from Jon Tober, Maxx-events. Many thanks Jon!