Report 43

"Super Geil, Totaler Wahnsinn"

We crossed all the borders with solo and sidecar connected together and now in the Czech republic, although the weather is very good, we still ride our Yamaha-double. It's great fun. "Shall we cross the German border also like this, just to see if we can get away with it?"

At the German border no-one even looks at our bikes, we may drive through just like that and our fear that an over-zealous policeman - who would want to know if this is legal - would take us off the road had not been necessary.

"The German television (DSF) already asked when you would be here," Helmut tells us as soon as we arrive at Stern Gespannservice in Geiselhöring. Stern invited us to exhibit our sidecar-double at the I-Mot in München from 20-22 February and upon arrival we are also enthusiastically welcomed by Hans Jürgen of Stadler Bekleidung.
"While making the jackets we had never thought that our gear would keep you warm enough," Hans Jürgen confessed relieved after having heard our really positive reactions. "And now you tell me..." Rob jokes around with him.

We do an interview with the crew of DSF, who will also use the footage we made on the ICE for a document they will broadcast. The German visitors on the motor show all think our sidecar-double is "Super-geil, totaler Wahnsinn," which can be translated into "Super Sexy, Total Madness."

Sunday night it starts snowing and Monday afternoon it still snows. Fortunately we will not leave until tomorrow. The highways are well salted and we prepare ourselves to be sprayed again.