Report 42 - 18/02/2004

Wroclav, Poland

It's a pity, the weather forecast we saw yesterday on the television, has come true; This whole morning it has been snowing and raining. We try not to be disappointed and decide to have fun with our combination and all the positive reaction from other road-users.

Pictures are made from every angle of us. Drivers lower their windows and use all kinds of camera's, even on mobile phones, to make pictures. One young man can't hardly stop making pictures of us and follows us afterwards. We pull over to hand him a business card with our website address. Once talking, Voytec, proves to be a enthusiastic person and asks a lot of questions. Then he ask us to stay that night at his place in Wroclav and to visit the local Yamaha-dealer.

This night we sleep at his and his girlfriends house. At this moment he's telling us everything about his dream to build a very special new type of vehicle. A friend, who just has graduated from the academy for industrial design, shows with his laptop pictures of it.

Also we learn that Wroclav is the Venetia of Poland with more as 100 bridges. It's a shame we haven't any time left for a more extensive visit of this city. Tomorrow we will leave Poland and drive as far as we can into Germany.