Report 41 - 17/02/2004

Biala Podlaska (40 km into Poland)

This morning it was dry when we left from Minsk, although there was already a cloudy sky. After a while it started snowing and we had to drive connected this day. Due to the adverse wind we need to open the throttle maximum, thus being able to drive a 80-90 Km/Hr. Downhill we can ride at a topspeed of 100 Km/hr.

At the border there is a large queue, but connected we can't pass the other vehicles. Happily we are aloud to drive on the road for diplomats and it's directly our turn.
At the question we're we come from, we directly start telling about Siberia and the ICE-ride and show the spike-tires to the border guards. The customs-officer whistles between his teeth and shakes his head. Then he quickly fills in all the necessary forms en waves us goodbye into Poland. The whole border passing took two hours, we might be happy because it also could have been more as five hours.

Just after the border a police car starts following us. After 15 kilometers they decide it's time to stop us. They really don't know what to do with our combination, but are impressed when we tell them about Siberia and the Great Biakal lake. Finally the officer takes a digital photograph and we ask were the hotel is, Wolgang has recommended us yesterday. "Less as 7 kilmeters, just follow me" the officers answer. Again we take the opportunity to use the services of the police and follow them.
"We should also try this in Germany and see what happens" Rob says. "It's fun to find out if we can drive this way without any problems with the German police".

Tomorrow we have to drive more as 500 kilometers (to Wroclow) and there is many snow predicted. So now it's sleeping time for us now.