Report 40 - 16/02/2004

Greeting from Minsk

They whole way from Smolensk to Minsk we had to drive with the solobike attached to the sidecar. It's save to driving app. 80km/hr. The streets of Smolensk are very slippery, this because they are covered with snow and ice. Rob does a great job to drive the solo bike save through the city.

This morning it's snowing and cloudy. We discuss the situation and choose to drive attached to each other. Not only for safety reasons, but also because this is fun. The border we passed in less as 10 minutes. They remembered us from two months ago. Our combination drew again a lot of attention.

In Minsk we met with the German embassy employee Wolfgang. He had travelled a lot on his Italian Guzzi Quota. During our trip in Siberia he invited us to stay in Minsk while driving home. We follow his car through the city and feel like doing our 'attached driving' examination. Happily enough Wolfgang tells us it looked great, seeing us driving from traffic light to traffic light. So I guess we would have passed the testů
We had a nice shower followed by a good dinner. During the pleasant evening Wolfgang his daughter Nicolle (5) made us some beautiful drawings. Tomorrow we will enter Poland. Hopefully it stops snowing. It's unbelievable how dirty we get from the muddy and icy roads.

Greetings, Rob and Dafne