ICE ride… Siberia in mid-winter

...And our eyes surch for the horizon. No words are good enough to describe our feelings. The great Lake Baikal is such a dynamic place. More than 100 km far we can see. The ICE-landscape, surrounded by snow-capped mountains is mind-blowing.

Overwhelmed by this wonder of nature we start our engines. We endlessly ride our motorcycles over this enormous white flat. The Cold pounds on my jacket, adrenaline flows and my heart beats in my throat. From the great 'nothing' we reach a small village. Fishermen have made waterholes in the ICE. Some fish are laying on the ICE, overcome by the cold. "Where have you come from? How is the ICE?" For months already the villagers have been waiting for the good news that the ICE road is open.

Are shivers running down your spine already? Here's our advise: Dress up in an extra warm pullover, put on a winter hat and enjoy the adventure on the many pages of our wesite.

-42 degrees greetings,

Rob en Dafne de Jong

13-03-2004 Last reports

The last two reports about Rob and Danfe their Siberia expedition are now available. Use the following links:

19/02/2004 - Germany
26/02/2004 - Netherlands

Book and DVD
We are writing a book and making a dvd about our "Ice Ride". If you like to receive information about when these come out and how much they will cost, please let us know by sending your name and e-mailaddress.

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10-03-2004 Update!

After a short rest Rob and Dafne are ready to update the site again. The MotorBeurs (tradeshow) in Utrecht was successful and the I-Mot in Germany also. The Dutch broadcast company SBS6 will pay attention to the Ice-Ride at Thursday evening. Within a few day two more QuickTime movies will be placed on this website.

People interested in the motorcycle trips Rob and Dafne organize can visit the following site: This site will also be updated in the upcoming weeks.

So visit the site regular!

IceRide at the Motorbeurs Utrecht Netherlands!

From Thursday the 26th till Sunday the 29th IceRide will be at the Motorbeurs (motorcycle-tradeshow) in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The official opening of the tradeshow will also be the official return of Rob and Dafne. After the opening (from 13.30 hr till 14.30 hr) Rob and Dafne can be found at their stand at hall 9, stand 9D121. More information can be found at: Motorbeurs Utrecht: Vier Machtige Motordagen

Group Tour to Lake Baikal

Click for large image! Also want to Ride the ICE of the Great Lake Baikal? We organise a 3-weeks group Tour with own motorcycle to Baikal in March 2005, when the ICE is 2 meters thick and temperatures are good. With airplane to Irkutsk and back. Motorcycle transport will be organised. There will be a backup car. Price app. € 3000,- More info will be available on this website soon!

Wollen Sie Im März 2005 auch über das EIS vom großen Baikalsee fahren? Wir organisieren eine 3 Wochen Lange Gruppenreise mit eigenem Motorrad. Mit Flugreise nach Siberien. Motorradtransport wird organisiert. Es wird ein Begleitfahrzeug gestellt. Preis ca. € 3000,- Weitere Informationen wird es bald auf dieser Seite geben!

22/02/2004 QuickTime movie Warschau

Click to download! In Warschau filmpictures are taken of Rob and Dafne on the road. Click on the link to download the QuickTime file (3.18Mb, For playing you need the QuickTime player).

Download (3.18Mb)

19/02/2004 3 new reports
There are three new reports on the site:

16/02/2004 - Minsk
17/02/2004 - Biala Podlaska
18/02/2004 - Wroclav

15/02/2004 - Beautiful Baikal
Click for large image! It's not hard to feel the lumb in my throat again which were there when we left Lake Baikal. We wanted to have driven all the way over the ICE so badly, to Listvianka and Irkutsk. We had asked different fishermen again and again about the ICE in the South and every single one of them had raised his voice: "Don't go! It's very dangerous."


To see Rob and Dafne's route over the Lake Baikal, just click the image!

Click for large image! Click image for larger view!

Click for large image! Just click the image to see Rob and Dafne's route in Siberia!

26/02/2004 - Netherlands
19/02/2004 - Germany
18/02/2004 - Wroclav
17/02/2004 - Biala Podlaska
16/02/2004 - Minsk

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