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Rob and Dafne de Jong grew up in and around Rotterdam-The Netherlands, where in the port the whole world shows itself. Rob used to join his grandfather, who was salesman at the docks, when he visited the ships to buy old ropes and metals and so the world already came close at an early age.
Dafne has an uncle who loved adventure. Wandering out to Australia in the early eighties he later emigrated to. With her parents she travelled most of Western Europe, but the more she grew up and the further she could see, the further she wished to travel, most of all to Australia.

Rob's passion for motorcycles also goes back a long time. He has covered over one million kilometres on over 100 different bikes and has also been active in motorsports: Motorcross (also by sidecar), enduro, roadracing and speedway. At the moment he is building (with the great help of many) a classic sidecar racer (Benelli Tornado)When

Dafne met Rob she did not just fall in love with him. He was riding a big Paris/Dakar allroad. This, in combination with their wish to travel resulted in their 1996 till 2001 world tour (Ride-on World Tour). Rob and Dafne travelled twice around the world on their EZS Yamaha XJ900F sidecar; about 225.000 kms in 63 countries (find out more).

After they finished their world tour, Rob and Dafne could not stop travelling. Early 2002 they started Ride-on MotorTours to organise group tours. Aim is to share their eternal love for motorcycle travelling and the endless experiences and stories of great adventures with like-minded motorcyclists. Of course to be able to keep on travelling themselves is just as important.

It's therefor obvious that Rob and Dafne guide their own tours (The Motorcycle Caravan they guide together). They do however find it very important that all participants have the opportunity to go their own way and do their own thing while on tour and thus to make sure that the freedom of motorcycle travelling is guaranteed. The groups are mostly of different international background, which is an interresting way to travel.
Normally the participants ride in small groups, only to ride together when necessary (borders etc) or when it is chosen to do so. Ride-on MotorTours is there for the real motorcycle travellers and those who love to ride and want to go beyond Western Europe, like Rob and Dafne themselves.
When travelling in Eastern Siberia on the last stretch of their world tour, Rob and Dafne developped the idea to go back there in winter, to ride their bikes across the ICE. After one year of preparations (with the fantastic help of many sponsors), they were back in Siberia to cross the most beautiful lake Baikal in January 2004 (see www.IceRide.com)

Rob and Dafne are professionals with know-how as it comes to mega-tours. Besides organising motorcycle tours, they publish articles about their travels in Dutch and international motorcycle magazines. It is therefor possible that you will read about a tour you did with them, and even see yourself on one of their published pictures



























































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