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We all know the spectacular images of Petra in Jordan. You walk through a gap in a rock face which is so narrow that it seams like swallowing you, to be presented with the breathtaking view on a shining palace which is totally carved out. And it's not only this building, there was once a whole town there, built during the last centuries BC. Petra is of course on the Unesco World Heritage List and has been proclaimed to be one of the 7 wonders of the world in 2007.

Petra one of the many highlights on this tour around the Meditarranean Sea, which will take you to many very special places. Take for instance
Cappadocia in Turkey, which is one of the greatest wonders of nature, as is Wadi Rum in Jordan, being one of the most beautiful desserts in the world. We explored a great dessert track here which you can ride on your motorcycle.
And then... When being in Jordan, the Dead Sea, is another place not to be missed! 295 metres below sea level.


Leo&Janet made some of the photos here- See their blog

Travel in 43 days through 14 countries in 3 continents

Damascus and Aleppo
Ever dreamt of being part of a fairy tale? In the souqs of Damascus and Aleppo you will be walking through one. Damacus is the oldest (...) still serving capitals of the world and some things are being done the same way as they were hundreds of years ago.
Aleppo is a very relaxed town and has a beautiful citadel. We will spend the night within the walls of the souq which we are allowed to enter on our motorcycles. It's something you will experience only once in a lifetime.

Highlights from the Roman empire
Rows of collumns, colloseums, amphi theatres, excavations of complete cities. We'll come across quite a few roman sites and all of them are impressive in their own way.
It starts with Ephesus in Turkey, then Palmyra and Bosra in Syria, Cyrene and Lepcis Magna in Lybia and El Djem in Tunesia.

De kloof bij Petra

Just as interresting, but from another past are the cave houses in Cappadocia Turkey, the rock-city Petra in Jordanië which dates back to Nabatean times, the pyramides of Gizeh in Egypt and the cave houses in Matmata in Tunesia.

For the adventurous motorcycle traveller
This tour can be done on any type of motorcycle, so allroads, customs, sportive roadbikes and touring motorcycles, as long as you have enough experiences in going long distance. Here and there it will be possible to ride some great dirt tracks; in Cappadocia, on the way to Antakya, at Wadi Rum (dessert) and around Petra, in the Sinaï dessert in Egypt, so those on allroad motorcycles have a choice.
Everyone is allways free to ride the way (and with whom) they like and choose their own route. It is always possible to reach the next hotel only using surfaced roads. With the road maps, the roadbook and the waypoints for your GPS all destinations can be found.














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