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11 days
29MAY-8JUN 2014
28MAY-7JUN 2014
4-14 JUN 2015
pp/from € 830,-*
pass/from € 530,-*
*may change




































Isle of Man TT >>> 2014
This is 200% passion! Join the party at the very best streetraces in the world. Get to know your way around the mountaincourse with us, be there for the Classic Parade and the Lap of Honer. And don't forget there is Mad Sunday!

The circuit is 60km long and stunning. The fastest lap did not even last 18 minutes! The island itself is also worthwhile visiting.

Isle of Man TT-motorreis

14 days
15JUN-28JUN 2014
pp/hotel € 1645,-
*may change

Meeting in (NL)
at 11 January

Tour to Moscow >>> 2014
Once in your lifetime you want to take that picture with your motorcycle on the Red Square... We travel to Moscow along a great route through Poland, Litouania, Latvia and on the way back we'll go through Belarus (White Russia). Apart from Moscow you'll also visit Vilnius, Minsk and Brest.

With a professional guide, who speaks Russian. It's a tour full of extremes, which you'll keep remembering the rest of your life.


14 days
7-20 JUL 2014
pp/hotel € 1345,-
*may change

Meeting in (NL)
at 11 January

Albania Allroad Tour >>> 2014
Discover the Albanian Alps with us; rough, pure nature and very exciting to ride. Apart from Albania we also found great dirt tracks to ride in Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. You'll be at the Postonia Caves and the Plitvic lakes and waterfalls, will visit the picturesque Dubrovnik and Mostar and the Theth National Park.
With start/finish near Villach.

Isle of Man TT-motorreis

18 days
7-24 JUL 2014
pp/hotel € 1345,-*
*may change

Meeting in (NL)
at 11 January

Romania - Bulgaria Tour >>> 2014
Discover a part of Europe that is less known and where it seems that time has stood still. It's also the country where Count Dracula used to live. The Carpathian, the Stara Planina and Sreda Gora mountains are beautiful. Taste a bit of the old and new cultures and experience it before all of it's communistic past has disappeared. With opportunities to ride dirt tracks.

Roemenie - Bulgarije Motorreis

14 days
7-20 AUG 2014
pp/hotel € 2595,-*
duo € 2050,-*
*may change

Meeting in (NL)
at 11 January

Iceland Allroad Tour >>> 2014
It is soo great!
Along waterfalls, glaciers, geisers an rocky coastlines, thru tundra's with endless views... Iceland is at it's best on the unpaves but maintained backroads, where you are one with your motorcycle and nature and where you can enjoy riding forever. 14 days on the island at the best time of the year. Your motorcycle will be transported in a container and you will fly. And all this is included in the price. Motorcycle rental on Iceland is also possible.


30 days
30AUG-28SEP 2014
pp/hotel € 9000,-*
*may change

Meeting in (NL)
at 11 January

The Bikers Caravan 2014
Irkutsk >>> Ulan Baator

Eastern Siberia and Mongolia. We'll start at the most beautiful Lake Baikal, one of the Wonders of the World. Then we'll ride through the endless landscapes; the highlands of Mongolia, with valleys so big that cities would fit in them. They are home of the nomads with their herds of grazing horses and goatsd met grazende kuddes. There's a track we'll follow, through the valleys and the mountains.

16 days
Dates & Price TBA

Ukraine Allroad Tour >>> 2015
Live the adventure, discover the unknown (un)paved but very drivable back roads of Europe and be sur- prised. Let the people of the Ukraine welcome you and find out what life is like over there. With occasional stays at local homes.

This tour also takes you through Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany.

Oekraine Allroad motorreis




























20 days
29APR-18MAY 2015
Price TBA

Turning Point Stalingrad >>> 2015
Make a world tour in 20 days, visiting important places from WW2 in Poland, Belarus and Russia. Celebrate the end of WW2 together with Russian veterans, the parades, in the former Stalingrad. Discover the Ukraine, taste Russia; the present and the past. Richness, poverty, departed glory. Renovated and revalued. Travel through European and world history. Extreme, surprising, exciting, good.

Keerpunt Stalingrad 2015 motorreis


22 days
Dates & Price TBA

Tsar Tour Russia >>> 2016 again
Join in our passion for Russia. Come along and ride the Golden Circle with us, visiting old Russian Tsarist capitals with their kremlins (including your motorcycle on the Red Square). You'll ride through the Baltic Countries and Belarus (White Russia) and the wonderful Polisch Masuria. It's a tour full of contradictions; a once in a lifetime experience. With a Russian speaking guide.

25 AUG - 4 DEC 2013
[Click here]

The Bikers Caravan 2013
Alaska >>>
Tierra del Fuego
Enkele van 's werelds mooiste wegen liggen tussen deze twee punten, in de toendra's maar ook in de hooggebergten als de Rocky Mountains in de USA en de Andes in Zuid Amerika. In de Grand Canyon (USA), de Barranca del Cobre (Mexico) en de Colca Canyon (Peru). Van hier tot de (sub)tropische gebieden zullen we reizen, door alle klimaten met hun verschillende eigenschappen en culturen. Deeltrajecten mogelijk.

MotorKaravaan 2013 Alaska-Vuurland - motorreis
Op avontuur naar Sakhalin 2011
We have been to eastern Siberia. To ride around Baikal and along the BAM-AMUR railway which has been explored only by a few other motorcyclists. One part no motorcyclist ever came through. We were actually going to Sakhalin, an island north of Hokkaido. It was hard to keep our blog updated, but see for yourself:

Read our blog on HTTP://RideonMT.blogspot.com
Don't try this at home... Go to Siberia!
Dafne reist naar Siberie

































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